Journeys Unexpected

Homepage for the Serpent’s Skull campaign set in Sargava, Golarion.

The cargo ship Jenivere lies broken and strewn on the ocean floor. The swarming, vibrant jungle island of Smuggler’s Shiv has swallowed up your party.
Your expected destination is hundreds of miles away; your reasons for travel now lost.
You rely on the strangers around you to stay alive – and maybe find a way off this wretched place.

The days bring no rest and those that inhabit this place are relentless – cannibals, winged savages, living mold, witch and gelatinous toad! With every step another threat.

What will it take to get off the island? Buckle up once more gentlemen, we head now toward the red mountain and salvation. Or something else awaiting?

Melbourne serpents skull